Real conversations about faith for truth-seeking people  -- believers, unbelievers and don't-know-what-to-believers.

This is a safe place for the person who:

-has attempted to read her Bible many times but is bored by the stories she already “knows” or the parables she doesn’t quite understand

-is uneasy with words like reformed, armenian or questions like “Do you know Jesus?”

-wonders if the Bible has something to teach us about living now

-believes that Truth and Faith are MORE than he has been taught to believe

-fears being called liberal . . .  or conservative  . . . or radical . . . by her circle of friends

-feels she does not quite fit inside the Church

-feels he must stay silent among fellow believers . . . or fellow unbelievers

-is plagued by hard questions and plagued more by the Church’s answers

-longs for genuine conversation on matters of faith

-wonders “How in the world can I ever teach my child about faith?” and "WHAT do I teach them exactly?"

Inspired by certain questioning, doubting people who challenge me to reach deep and find something better.  We have been through a lot --- childhood cancers, genetic mutation, family separation --- and loved and laughed more than most.  We have talked a lot about God, what it means to follow Christ and how to live in this world, particularly within the broken church of this world.



Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations are taken from the
NRSV Bible, © 1989.